The Club Events listed below are open to the public unless otherwise stated. We encourage the public to join in these exciting events listed below.

April 29 Monster Demo Gala& *Public Welcome*
May 25 Men's Interclub at Nanton
May 26 Mixed Social *Public Welcome*
June 12 Men's Interclub at Turner Valley
June 23 Margarittaville Mixed Social *Public Welcome*
July 8-9 Club Championship
July 11 Junior Club Championship
July 31 Men's Interclub at River's Edge
August 27 Parent Junior *Public Welcome*
August 28 Men's Interclub at Highwood
September 8 Member Guest Tournament
September 11 Men's Interclub at Canal at Delacour
October 7 Snowball Scramble *Public Welcome*

You may register for any events above by contacting the Pro Shop:

(403) 938-4200 ext. 1